Wanna Have a Quick Lesson of Kanji Calligraphy in Tokyo?

Because in the digital age we live in now,  the frequency of writing has dramatically decreased in the world. We can type in a laptop instead of writing on a note in a college lecture. We can send birthday wishes using messenger app like WeChat to friends instead of writing a letter. The decline in the frequency of writing is pretty much inevitable. 

However, people in Japan still don’t lose hope for it. They have a beautiful culture of calligraphy, writing Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji on a Japanese traditional paper named “Washi” using a writing brush.

Kanji calligraphy(a.k.a Chinese character) is really popular in the world as a lot of celebrities have tattoos of it such as Justin Bieber(a Canadian pop singer), Nicky Minaj(an America female rapper), Chris Evans(the Captain America), Allen Iverson(a former NBA player). When Kayne West, an American famous rapper, released an album “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, his name in Kanji was on its cover, saying “蟹江(Kayne)西(West)”. 

When you have a chance to visit Tokyo, it is pretty nice idea to learn calligraphy as well as to know your name in Kanji. 

Lesson Info

Price: ¥1,500 per person / hour

Date: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Language: English 

Website: https://bunstyle.fun/ (Reservation only)

Place: Bun Bun cafe

The lecturer(in the middle of the picture) and the staff at this cafe is very friendly and kind. 



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