Top 8 Spots For Culture Lovers in Tokyo -Vol.1

Tokyo is a big city where a large number of foreign tourists visit. Typically, a lot of tourists go to the Tokyo Tower, Senso shrine, Akihabara for the first time in Tokyo and that’s totally fine.

But, have you ever thought where locals go and do in Tokyo area? 

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Here are some of the hidden spots in Tokyo that we recommend visiting unless your schedule is not tight. 

1- Gotoku Temple

Asakusa Senso Shrine is very popular among foreign tourists and is very busy all day. If you don’t like the crowed area, here’s a shrine you might want to stop by.

There is a bunch of cat figurines called Maneki-Neko(a charm for good luck) and they are somewhat creepy.

2- Nezu Museum

In this private museum, there are thousands of pre-modern Japanese and East Asia art collections including seven national treasures.

You will definitely feel a sense of simplicity, peace, and beauty in there.

3- Ichigaya Fish Center

This fish center is the where you can enjoy fishing carps, Japanese traditional fishes, and golden fishes.

As this You Tuber explains in this video, it’s super easy to fish them. This place is along Sobu Railroad at Ichigaya.

Price & Hour for carp fishing:

1 Hour Adult: ¥750, Child: ¥430, Student/Senior: ¥650
2 Hour Adult: ¥1,470, Child: ¥840, Student/Senior: ¥1,270
3 Hour Adult: ¥2,160, Child: ¥1,230, Student/Senior: ¥1,860

1 Day pass: Adult: ¥2,800, Child: ¥1,600, Student/Senior: ¥2,400
*No observation is allowed. Everyone has to pay admission fees.

Monday-Friday: 9:30~20:00
Weekends/National Holidays: 9:00 ~ 20:00 

*Rod: ¥100 Bait: ¥100

30 mins per person: ¥400 * Rod and bait are included

You can take up to 2 goldfish

Monday-Friday: 12:00~20:00
Weekends/National Holidays: 9:00 ~ 19:00 

4- Kiyosumi Gardens

Kiyosumi Garden is a Japanese stroll garden which was constructed 1878-85 in Meiji Period.

This garden covers an area of 81,000 square meters so if you are a walker, photographer, a culture lover, andPokémon Go lover, this is the right place for you.

5- Inogashira Park

Inogashira park, located in Western Tokyo, is the recommended place for Hanami (cherry blossom) season.

You can rent a boat and watch cherry blossoms.

6- Sumida Edo Kiriko

Edo Kiriko, a cut glass which has unique delicate patterns on itself, is a Japanese traditional glass that you rarely see.

At this place, not only you can buy Edo Kiriko but also can experience to make one for yourself.

7- Edo Tokyo Building Park 

Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural museum of historic Japanese buildings. In this park, you can see a variety of homes from farmers to wealthy individuals and buildings such as a tailor, a police office, a hotel during Edo Period.

8. A Tomb of Samurai Masakado’s Head

 This spot is for those who creepy stuff.

There is a scary story in which this graveyard was planned to be taken down but during the construction, a bulldozer was flipped and the driver died.

This is just one story.

It’s a common that people vow toward the graveyard and wish that bad fortune never come to their lives.

*Visit here at your own risk

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