Best Place to drink Japanese booze that you may never have heard of, “Hoppy”

If you get asked what the most pupular Japanese alcohol is, you would answer “Sake”. You are right but there’s one more alchol that is highly recommended to try. It’s called “Hoppy”.

When you have a chance to visit Asakusa, it would be a great idea to stop by Hoppy Street to drink Hoppy and interact with locals because a lot of them go there. 

What’s the Hoppy?

Hoppy is a beer-flavoured pop beverage containing 0.8% alchol (Technically speaking, it is a non-alcholic beverage) Kokka Beverage Inc. started selling in 1948 for those who couldn’t afford to pay for beers at that time. 

Once you order Hoppy, you will get a glass called “Naka” containing Shochu(a Japanese distilled alcholic beverage. Typically it has 25% alcohol) with a bottle of Hoppy called “Soto”. When the glass gets empty, you order the glass “Naka” and when the Hoppy get’s empty, you order the bottle “Soto”. 

You may wonder what’s good about the Hoppy?

The answer is pretty simple. You can get drunk really cheap:)

Tourist information

 When it comes to drinking Hoppy, the food must come with it.
The Japanese-style beef strew is very popular and definitely matches with Hoppy as well as homemade Kimuchi. 

The length of the street is about 80 meters and there are many shops that are covered by vinyl.
This is unique sight that you don’t see often. 

The day of taking these photos was a weekday so it was not so crowded, but on weekends, there will most likely to be. I’d recommend going on weekdays.


Off the street, you can see other shops lining up.

Open Hours and Costs 

In fact, a lot of shops in the street open from day time.
Open Hours: 11:00 ~ 23:00
Costs: About ¥2,000 ~ ¥3,000 per person 

Street address

Address: 3 – 19 Asakusa 2 – chome, Taito – ku, Tokyo


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