A new host “Nice Kimono Rental” has joined us

We are very happy to announce that we have a new host, Nice Kimono Rental, on our platform, WalCal.

It is a must-visit place when you’d come to one of the Japanes tradional towns, Asakusa. it is just 5 minutes walking away from Kaminarimon Gate in Asakusa. 

What can I experience at Nice Kimono Rental?

  1. You can choose a variety of kimonos
    After choosing  a kimono you want to wear, the experienced store staff dresses you up proprely and sets your hair up. Not only they have a variey of kimonos but also have a lot of accessories such as Japanese purses, hair ornaments that make yourself look even better. 

    Check thier Instagram and TikTok to see  beautiful kimonos

  2. The store staff takes pictures of you amazingly
    Inside the store, there’s a big poster of Kaminarimon and the store staff takes some pictures of you on your smartphone. you know what to do next . Yes, post the awesome pictures on Insragram.

    Store Manager: Hong Yuchen

  3. You can take a stroll around Asakusa
    After getting dressed, you can walk around Asakusa untill 5:00pm. 
    Have a lot of baggages? Don’t worry, you can leave your stuff at the store while strolling. 


How can I find the experience?

  1. Download our App: WalCal
  2. Find “kimono rental” experience in Asakusa on the map
  3. Select date and time and pay(only credit card)

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